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CRC/VSC Clarification - Reminder-- Send to Hockey Nova Scotia

Hi Folks,


Thanks so much to our volunteers for completing their certification requirements.

Reminder - You need to send your completed CRC/VSC directly to Hockey Nova Scotia once it is completed in myBackCheck.

It is not enough to simply "share" it with Chebucto. 

This direction is clearly specified on the Volunteer Certification Website here.


Please also send a copy directly to Hockey Nova Scotia C/O - Kelly Dalrymple at this email address     

The email must include:

- Scanned / clear copy of the original CRC with VSC (if applicable)

- Your full name

- Your Hockey Canada ID number (Log into your HRC account to obtain 

- Your DOB if you don’t have your HC ID


The PDF copy you can download from myBackCheck fits the bill here.

If you have any questions please let me know.


VP Risk - Bryan Esbaugh


Nov 17, 2022