Goalie Development

Goalie Development Programs
Ambition Unlimited (Upper Echeleon Goaltending):
This program if for aspiring goaltenders younger than U11 relatively new to the position. Chebucto has partnered with Upper Echeleon Goaltending to provide opportunities for young new goalies to recieve some instruction and gain some fundamental skills. Upper Echeleon has been running this program with great success for years in the Dartmouth /Cole Harbour area with great success developing the "first skills" to bring confidence and fun to the position.
Best of all - there is no cost, and open to any and all young goalies within HRM less than 10 years old regardless of organizational affiliation.
Note: If you are a player (again of any organizational affiliation) looking to switch to goaltender but are older than the age restriction don't hesistate to reach out to Chebucto VP development for support opportunities.
Sign up space is limited. Register at the link below through GrayJay.
(More Sessions to follow in Season)
Pre-Season Goalie Development
(Last Updated Aug 12-2023)
Our pre-season development sessions are currently full however we are looking to secure more spots/spaces based on net availability ( should know Monday).
Please reach out to Chebucto VP of Development if you are seeking a spot.

Goalie Coaching Videos and Media

A big thank you to Todd Bengert and Upper Echelon Goaltending for hosting our Goalie Coaching Session for 22-23 Season. 

Video of the sessions are available online here:

Goalie Coaching Seminar Videos