Kyle Henneberry Tournament 2022-2023 Rules


2022 Kyle Henneberry Memorial Tournament Rules


Nova Scotia Minor Hockey Council rules, as laid down for minor hockey play, will govern the conduct & play of tournament games.  NSMHC Code of discipline will be enforced


1)  Timing of games are as follows:

U9 Division

2 x22 minute mini games, 1.5-minute shift buzzer, team listed as Visitor will switch sides at the break

U11 to U18

3x12 minute Periods, Stop time.


2.  Standings.     Each game is worth 2 points.  2 pts for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 for a loss


3. Mercy Rule If at any time in the third period the goal spread reaches 7, the game will be completed in run time. If the spread is reduced below 7 the game will revert to stop time one time only. If the 7-goal spread is reinstated, the game will remain in run time for the remainder of the game.

4. Tiebreakers Should teams tied in points at the end of the round robin stage the tie breaker formula is as follows:

Head-to-head record if applicable

Most Regulation Wins

Least Goals Against

Ratio GA/GF-GA


5.Playoff game format


a.   All medal round games must have a winner

b.   If the semi final or final game is tied at the end of regulation time we will play the following. 

c.   1-10 minute straight time 3 on 3 golden goal over time, if still tied at the end of OT there will be a shootout

d.   Rules for shoot out:
1 round of 5 skaters for each team.

e.   Visiting team shoots first.

     f.       If still tied, golden goal round.  Each team gets one shot, shootout continues until there is a winner.  Teams will have the same number of opportunities to score.

     g.      No player may shoot twice in the shootout until all skaters have had one shot. 

     h.      Goaltenders are to remain in the nets during the shootout.


6. Player of the game award: Players will proceed to their respective blue lines immediately following the game for the player of the game award.

7. Handshakes will not take place so to reduce extra contact.

         8. Fighting. Anyone receiving a fighting major penalty is suspended from the remainder of the tournament regardless of Code of Discipline penalties handed out by Hockey Nova Scotia.

         9. Penalties where suspensions occur. Any player receiving a game misconduct penalty is suspended for the next tournament game. Any further suspensions will be issued under Hockey Nova Scotia Code of Conduct Regulations.